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UTS offers IPs and reference designs, powered with latest technological advancements in signal processing for FPGA/ASIC/GPU/CPU platforms.  Major products are aligned to Communications, RADAR and SONAR applications.

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IPs  & Ref. Designs
UTS Solar Group offers products and solutions with alternative forms of renewable energy. Our group is capable of inverter design, production to Engineering, procurement and Constructions of solar power plants.

UTS offers design, test and verificiation services at several stages in product design. UTS with its rich experiance in working with FPGAs, ARM, PIC, 8051 and PSoC microcontrollers is capable of taking up any design requiremnt for embedded applications.
Solar & Energy
Embd & VLSI services
 Electronic Warfare Conference India(EWCI-2016)

   Demonstration of Radar Signal Emulator and Radar Target Emulator at IRSI - 2015(15th to 19th Dec)

   SDR User meet-2015Q3 was conducted on 25-10-2015

   Demonstration of Wireless video transmission

 Release of new IPs

 TSG Whether Radar

  Injection mode simulators

  Communication IP cores

  Carrier to Noise Generators

News and Updates
News and Updates
Solar & EPC
Unifying Software & Hardware