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UTS offers IP cores and reference designs, powered with latest technological advancements in signal processing for FPGA/ASIC/GPU/CPU platforms.  IP cores  are aligned to Communications, RADAR and SONAR applications. Some of the critical IP cores are OFDM & QAM based modulators and Demodulators, Beam forming IP core  &  SDR IP suite.

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IPs  & Ref. Designs
UTS offers state of the art simulators and emulators for both RADAR and communications domains. These products facilitate the clients to test functionality of all the scenarios of their products. UTS also built these products as per the custom requirements of the client. Some of he key products of the company, Digital radio frequency Memory (DRFM ) based RADAR target simulator, RADAR Signal simulator and  Telemetry signal simulator.
UTS offers design, test and verification services at several stages in product design. UTS  has rich experience in working with FPGAs, ARM, PIC, 8051 and PSoC microcontrollers. Team at UTS  is capable of  working on specialized design requirements for embedded applications.  Some of the state of the art hardware off the shelf items  AD9361  based  Zynq 3U VPX card ( SDR), 125 MSPS ADC & DAC card , 500 MSPS ADC card, 1.6GSPS DAC card, & Digit al RF Memory (DRFM ) based digital  Zynq module. 
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AD9361 based Zynq 3U VPX card

Digital RF Memory (DRFM ) based digital Zynq module

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Digital radio frequency Memory (DRFM ) based
RADAR target simulator