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UTS offers wide range of products in Wireless communications, RADAR, SONAR, EDA and Energy sectors. With the long standing IP core development experience, UTS offered products use latest algorithms and technological developments, to provide better features than existing products. UTS products take best out of the latest FPGA/GPU/CPU technologies to offer improved features compared to legacy processor based products.
UTS being ISO 9001:2008 certified company, follows standard procedures while executing the projects, to ensure  long term success to client, by delivering fully verified, reusable and well documented software and hardware modules.
Remote data acquisition Hardware and Monitoring receiver software library
Unifying Software & Hardware
Communication signal interception solutions consisting monitoring receiver functionality with remote deployment capability are useful in tactical military applications. The “Remote data acquisition and Monitoring receiver software library” is ideal solution to build monitoring receiver for military applications. The product consists of one hardware and one software module as explained below.
(a) Narrow band IF data acquisition module
(b) Monitoring receiver software library
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Remote data acquisition Hardware and Monitoring receiver software library
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UTS offered “Narrow band IF data acquisition module” is suitable for remote data acquisition over Ethernet and further online or offline processing. The wide dynamic range ADC frontend makes it suitable for different types of communication applications.  Depending on the RF band of interest suitable RF down converter and antenna can be used.
UTS offered "Monitoring software library provides APIs by which user can access the data from data acquisition module and further carryout monitoring receiver functionalities.  The library provides Application Program interfaces (APIs) on Windows operating system, which can be invoked from any C/ C++ applications.
Parameter Value
Processor Xilinx Zynq SOC Z7010 FPGA
DDC bandwidth Programmable up to 200 KHz
IF Center Frequency 1.4 MHz
Sampling rate 4 MHz
Dynamic range 80 dB
ADC resolution 16 bit
IF BW 50 KHz / 200 KHz
Level -5 dBm (nominal)
Impedance 50 Ohm
Ext. AGC controls Programmable
Output connectivity Ethernet (1 Gbps LAN)
Output type I and Q samples
Power DC 5V, 4 Amps
Temperature Available in both commercial and industrial grades
Parameter Value
Data acquisition (I,Q) data capture from data acquisition module.
Analog demods AM, FM, LSB, USB, ISB, CW
Digital Demods 2FSK, 2PSK, 4PSK, 8PSK, 16PSK, 16QAM
API type Compatible to C/C++ compilers
Output bandwidth 100Hz to 50 KHz
Data for spectrum I & Q data streams for GUI application to plot spectrum or waterfall.
Demodulator output PC sound card (headphones) , wav, mp3 files  and  VOIP port
Recording support Signals at all stages can be stored to file through APIs
Play back Recorded I&Q can be used as input to demodulator APIs
Ext. AGC controls Programmable
Monitoring & Analysis Receiver
Narrow band data acquisition
Communication Signal Intelligence