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UTS offers wide range of products in Wireless communications, RADAR, SONAR, EDA and Energy sectors. With the long standing IP core development experience, UTS offered products use latest algorithms and technological developments, to provide better features than existing products. UTS products take best out of the latest FPGA/GPU/CPU technologies to offer improved features compared to legacy processor based products.
UTS being ISO 9001:2008 certified company, follows standard procedures while executing the projects, to ensure  long term success to client, by delivering fully verified, reusable and well documented software and hardware modules.
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Multi channel bit sync and Best source selector

Contact ewip@unistring.com for more details.
Telemetry test ranges provide effective means of receiving data from multiple on board sensors for post flight analysis. The flight data collection without loss of information is very crucial in telemetry. To overcome the platform limitations, redundancy is employed in transmitter and receiver side. The resulting Multi Input and Multi Output (MIMO) configuration need to be effectively used for reliable data reception.In legacy systems operator observes quality of sync indicators from multi channel telemetry receivers and selects one among them manually. Under dynamically varying channel or platform conditions it is difficult to log the data with manual switchovers. Data loss is unavoidable under transitions. The best source selector (BSS) integrated with bit synchronizers can overcome this limitation. By using BSS the reliable data reception can be ensured, without loss of data even under transition conditions among the channels.
The UTSís Multi-channel Bit synchronizer with integrated BSS is state of the art telemetry equipment realized with modern Software Defined Radio (SDR) principles. The product has built in PCM deframmer for frame synchronization and extracting the selected channel data.  This following are key features and specifications of the product.
The product is available in different form factors for using as PCI card solution or Rack mount solution. Contact ewip@unistring.com <mailto:
ewip@unistring.com> for more details.
  x- number of channels 4 / 8 / 12 / 16
  y- Number of BSS outputs  2/4

Table - Features and Specifications of Multi channel Bit synchronizer with Best source selector

Parameter / Feature Value
Number of Channels 4 / 8 / 12 / 16
Inputs for each channel 2/4
Number of Outputs 1/2/4
Input voltage Voltage level  :  0.1 to 10 Volts (Peak to peak)
DC offset : 10 Volts
AC offset : 10 Volts
Impedance :  50 ohm, High-Z

Optionally other voltage ranges can be supported
Output voltage Data and clock with TTL, 3.3V / 5V
Bit rate Range :  1 Kbps to 20 Mbps (other options available)
Resolution : 0.1% of Bit rate
Loop filter in bit sync Bandwidth :  0.1% - 1.6%
Acquisition: 2 times loop bandwidth
Tracking : 10% of bit rate
Line codes NRZ-L/M/S, Bich-L/M/S, DM-M/S; MDM-M/S, RZ
Direct or invert bits can be selected
Randomization & De-randomization Forward and Reverse as per IRIG-106
ECC decoding (optional) Viterbi  Decoder
Constraint length 7 and rate 1/2
Best Source selection (BSS) algorithm Data alignment : Time domain correlation
Selection criteria :  Programmable among (a) Signal quality (b) Number of Frame Synch bits match (c) Majority vote (d) Weighted majority vote
PCM Frame synchronization Programmable PCM decommutator
Upto 65536 length bits

User interface
Touch screen display (Chassis option)
Remote Ethernet based GUI (optional)

Configurable parameters
Input selected for each channale
Bit rate and bit sync settings
line codes and PCM decommutator settings
BSS settings.
Power Supply 230V +/- 10V, 45-55 Hz
12/24 Volts DC (optional)
Ordering information (P/N)
Click here to download data sheet  Multi channel bit sync and Best source selector