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UTS offers wide range of products in Wireless communications, RADAR, SONAR, EDA and Energy sectors. With the long standing IP core development experience, UTS offered products use latest algorithms and technological developments, to provide better features than existing products. UTS products take best out of the latest FPGA/GPU/CPU technologies to offer improved features compared to legacy processor based products.
UTS being ISO 9001:2008 certified company, follows standard procedures while executing the projects, to ensure  long term success to client, by delivering fully verified, reusable and well documented software and hardware modules.
Multi band radio Application note
Unifying Software & Hardware
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MILITARY RADIO topologies today are demanding complex features to be achieved at base band, RF and antenna stages. The present and future tactical radio needs can be met with latest RF & VLSI technologies based hardware and state of the art Digital Signal Processing (DSP) algorithms. This application note presents important capabilities of UTS provided hardware, firmware, waveform libraries and algorithmic solutions, towards realizing modern tactical radio networks.
1. Small size and Portability
The size of the radio is becoming day by day important, as small sized platforms are being aimed to perform crucial EW operations. The UAV projects with multiple EW payloads is the best example to understand growing importance of small sized radio solutions. The UTS offered radio solutions can be categorized to two types as illustrated in below figure. With modular architectures being followed in UTS firmware for interface design, both the categories of products maintain same feature wise capabilities. The hardware is based on Xilinx Zynq series FPGAs interfaced with high speed ADCs, DACs and RF ICs.
(a) PC interfaced wideband radio solution
(b) Embedded interfaced Radios
(c) UTS - 3U VPX card with digital and RF (upto 6 GHz)
Figure 1. UTS offered Radio solutions (*Excluding Tx power amplifiers, LNA and antennas)
The compact UTS radio module offering frequency coverage from 70MHz to 6 GHz, with small form factor is suitable for several modern communication requirements.
2. Software configurability and ECCM features
Electronic Counter Counter Measures (ECCM) features are essential for tactical radios. To develop ECCM featured radios, the UTS offered hardware and software capabilities are presented in below table.
Hardware features Suitability for tactical radios

Wide band coverage for selected
centre frequency

The hardware can cover band of frequencies in +/- 25 MHz from the tuned centre frequency. This enables user to switch the carrier anywhere in this 56 MHz range,without triggering the external PLL. The frequency switching is achieved through FPGA inside NCOs. To implement Burst and Frequency Hopping (FH) waveforms there is no limitation of switching time with in this 50 MHz bandwidth range.

Fast Frequency tuning with only 40
µsec, PLL switching time

To implement FH and Burst beyond 56 MHz bandwidth the PLL external to FPGA need to be tuned. The hardware with fast PLL switching of 40 µsec, allows quick band change across the full frequency span.

Tight integration of FPGA
algorithm with AGC

The hardware offered has two modes of AGC operation. In auto mode the analog circuit adjusts the gain to maintain constant digital stream in FPGA. In manual mode the FPGA inside logic can give gain controls to achieve desired AGC functionality. The programmable AGC with different time constants becomes suitable for implementing jamming detection algorithm and hence adopt ECCM scheme.

Multi RF channel synchronization
Featured with external clocking provision and multi board digital synchronization methods it is possible to establish multichannel hardware. The multichannel hardware is very useful in realizing beamforming applications.

Multiple simultaneously
Tx / Rx channels in 50 MHz band
The UTS Digital Down Converter (DDC) IP provides multiple parallel outputs at the desired frequencies within 50 MHz bandwidth. The feature rich C-SOC Zynq FPGA allows configuration of multiple parallel modulators/demodulators.  This feature enables simultaneous transmission and reception on signals.
3. Voice, digital data and Ethernet connectivity
The MBR hardware is capable of providing voice and data connectivity. The voice connectivity is provided by add-on audio CODEC module. The data connectivity is provided by two means. Direct digital data connectivity through GPIOs and packetized data through Ethernet.

UTS communication IP cores work with flexible FIFO interfaces to source/sink data for multiple I/O interfaces. The SDK provided allows high speed no-OS based Ethernet protocol stack to offer real time software packetizing / de-packetizing features. The figure below shows the general UTS communication waveforms connectivity with the Ethernet stack.
Figure 2. Voice, data and LAN connectivity for radios
4. Extendable architecture  - Multiband and Multichannel
The modular architecture of Multiband radio modules allow incorporating multiple hardware modules to achieve simultaneous transmission and reception capability in multiple channels across the full band.
Figure 3. Three UTS-3UVPX-WB-X modules configured across multiple bands.
As illustrated in figure the hardware modules can be stacked to increase the number of simultaneous processing channels across entire frequency range. Since the waveforms and UTS IPs are portable across frequency ranges, the "software configurable multi band and multi channel radio" can be implemented.
Table 1. UTS - MBR supported features to develop ECCM enabled tactical radios.                                    
(a)PC interfaced Radios        
(b)Embedded interfaced Radios