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ISO certified company
UTS being ISO 9001:2015 certified company, follows standard procedures while executing the projects, to ensure  long term success to client, by delivering fully verified, reusable and well documented software and hardware modules.
Unifying Software & Hardware
UTS believes that innovation and research in VLSI and Embedded technologies requires efforts from both academicians and Industrialists. We give importance for involving Universities in our product research and development. We also make several products suitable for Education projects and research. A part from these activities we participate in several educational activities to give an insight of latest technological growth in electronics and computer science fields. Most of these activities are volunteered by our engineers and company offers such services for free of cost. 

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University Programme
UTS - University Programme promotes. universities to pursue R&D activities in collaboration with UTS.  More than 15 Universities and colleges take benefit out of this programme by having MOUs for different category of short term and long term activities.

Under this UTS offers free training in universities and engineering colleges for undergraduate and graduate students. The company senior engineers will take part in such seminars and workshops. Through these events we want to encourage the students towards core technologies. Our theory sessions and hands on FPGA board sessions would give a better approach towards digital design for both VLSI and embedded systems.
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Seminars & Workshops In Collaboration with IETE , IE, IEEE and Reputed universities

UTS has made an affiliation with IETE (Institution of Electronics and telecommunication engineers) for participating in research and projects in VLSI and Embedded systems areas. Also several Faculty Development Programmes are conducted by in collobaration with IE, IEEE and reputed universities.

Major focused areas of VHDL, Verilog, FPGAs, Embedded system, Cloud computing and JAVA technologies.
UTS VLSI forum
During years 2006 to 2009 several universities in Andhra Pradesh were revising/adding syllabus pertaining to VLSI fields. At that time people were not aware of tools and practical aspects of VLSI/FPGA based design. UTS has formed a group of academicians who are in need of learning the VLSI design related concepts and tools. Under this forum over span of 3 years very frequently we organize special lectures by senior engineers of UTS, invited talk by senior professors from various universities, hands on lab sessions on FPGA boards and group discussions. UTS VLSI forum was closed in December 2009 by announcing that 300+ participants (lecturers, Asst Profs of Engineering colleges) were trained on both Semi-custom and Full-Custom VLSI design flows at free of cost. All of them were trained on Xilinx ISE tools, FPGA boards, IC design tools (open source circuit editor, layout editor and evalution versions of SPICE tools).

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UTS being an IP core developer in several disciplines, it has been involved in design and development of VLSI / FPGA / Embedded platform based applications in several state of the art technologies. This R&D experiance enables UTS to offer world class products & services to VLSI and Embedded industry  with less design turn around time.
String Technologies is training parter of UTS, which  runs continuous training programmes, seminars, and design contests.

String Technologies with the help UTS team also offers several workshops on latest technologies. Click here for details. Various programmes which are conducted countrywide and online made thousands of engineering college staff and students to start their carrier in latest VLSI/FPGA/Embedded fields.