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UTS offers state of the art simulators and emulators for both RADAR and communications domains. These products facilitate the clients to test functionality of all the scenarios of their products. UTS also built these products as per the custom requirements of the client. Some of he key products of the company, Digital radio frequency Memory (DRFM ) based RADAR target simulator, RADAR Signal simulator and  Telemetry signal simulator.
UTS offers state of the art Telemetry Signal Simulators for injection mode test and validation of Telemetry systems. The flight data collection without loss of information is very crucial in Telemetry. SDR based portable Telemetry Receivers to receive multiple formats of Telemetry transmitted data Bit Synchronizers for quick clock and data recovery. Best Source Selector for reliable data reception, without loss of data even under transition conditions among the channels.PCM Decommutator for deframing.
RADAR & EW Simulators
Telemetry Solutions


AD9361 based Zynq 3U VPX card

Digital RF Memory(DRFM) based digital Zynq module


4 ch 125 Msps 16 bit ADC

500 Msps 14 Bit ADC 1500 Msps 16 Bit DAC

X to S Down Converter

S to X Up Converter

Hardware Solutions
Unifying Software & Hardware
Digital radio frequency Memory (DRFM ) based
RADAR target simulator
Digital Beamforming solutions
UTS offers digital beamforming software and hardware solutions, this will go as modules in phased array radars.Hardware is available in small form factor and multichannelsThe UTS Digital Beamforming FPGA library enables fast and efficient realization of Beamforming algorithms on FPGAs. The library is provided with multiple user settable options and allows realizing beam forming solutions for RADAR,SONAR and Telemetry/tracking applications.