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                  Signal and Image Processing - IP cores
UTS offered signal and image processing IP solutions for FPGA and processor platforms can be used to realise state of the art Communication and RADAR systems. The signal processing IPs can be classified into the following major categories.
a)Multi rate signal processing.
·Digital Down Converter (DDC)
·Digital Up Converter (DUC)
·Fractional resampler
b)High speed digital filtering
·Rank Order Filtering
·median filtering
·universal digital filter
d)Goertzel algorithm
e)Multiple Signal Classification (MUSIC).
The image processing  IPs can be divided into following categories.
a)Image filtering
b)2-D Median filtering.
c)2-D Fir filtering.
d)Sobel filtering.
e)Image morphological operations.
f)Image video stabilisation.
g)Image video segmentation.
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