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Solar & EPC
Products & Technologies
ISO certified company
UTS offer wide range of products in Wireless communications, RADAR, SONAR, EDA and Energy sectors. Some of the state of the products/ Solutions developed by UTS includes Digital radio frequency Memory (DRFM) based RADAR target simulator, RADAR Signal simulator, Telemetry signal simulator, AD9361 based Zynq 3U VPX card (SDR), 125 MSPS ADC & DAC card, 500 MSPS ADC card, 1.6GSPS DAC card, & Digit al RF Memory (DRFM) based digital Zynq module, Telemetry transceivers, OFDM & QAM based modulators and Demodulators, Beam forming IP core & SDR IP suite. UTS products take best out of the latest FPGA/GPU/CPU technologies to offer improved features compared to legacy processor based products.
UTS being ISO 9001:2008 certified company, follows standard procedures while executing the projects, to ensure  long term success to client, by delivering fully verified, reusable and well documented software and hardware modules.
Record and Reply solutions
Unifying Software & Hardware
RF, IF, Baseband and Digital Record and Replay solutions                                               
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Unistring Tech Solutions has different record and replay solutions covering baseband, IF and RF frequency ranges. Complete digital stream input based recording solution is also available for raw digital data recording.  Post mission analysis is supported for both offline file based analysis and real time playback options with different signal conditioning options. In addition API library supplied along with SDK enables integration of Record and replay functions through third party GUI.
Ground Telemetry
COMINT offline analysis
Data link monitoring
Dehopping and analysis of FHSS signals
Satellite monitoring stations
Whether data recording
Other Related Products
Wideband & Narrowband DDC
Telemetry RF, IF, baseband processing
PCM encoders and decoders
Telemetry Signal Simulator
Key Features
RF ranges covering L, S and C bands.
All standard telemetry and datalink frequency ranges are supported to C band
IF models available at 21 MHz, 70 MHz and 140 MHz
Baseband support upto 25 MHz.
Bandwidth configurable in steps of 1 MHz, upto 25 MHz (other high bandwidths can be supported based on user requirement)
Recording and replay Dynamic range 80 dB
Configurable Full scale input from -40 dBm to 0 dBm
Solid State Disk (SSD) technology based memory
Storage type RAID 0  and RAID 1
Storage Capacity 0.5 TB, 1 TB, 2 TB, 8 TB
Recording duration maximum upto 10 hours
Trigger by manual, time value, amplitude threshold or data based
Support of signal processing functions including online filtering and real time data statistics
Support of External IRIG time interface
Time stamp with Internal/External clock
Internal stage GPS based time stamp.
GUI with time and spectral data views
19" Rack mount 2U, 3U sizes based on required storage capacity.
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