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Solar & EPC
Research & Development
ISO certified company
UTS being an IP core developer in several disciplines, it has been involved in design and development of VLSI / FPGA / Embedded platform based applications in several state of the art technologies. This R&D experiance enables UTS to offer services to VLSI and Embedded industry  with less design turn around time.
UTS being ISO 9001:2015 certified company, follows standard procedures while executing the projects, to ensure  long term success to client, by delivering fully verified, reusable and well documented software and hardware modules.
GUI Software Products and Solutions
Unifying Software & Hardware
We have a Software Group of professionals with broad architectural knowledge, deep technical skills
and expertise in following best practices.

clients can rely on UTS to integrate their new solution as quickly as possible. Our expertise caters from a
small GUI project to a Complex multi module project solution. We can integrate elements from technical
consulting, education and mentoring. Our team can work building applications based on JAVA as well as
C and C++.

We at UTS, use Qt, a comprehensive development framework that includes an extensive array of
features, capabilities and tools that enable development of high-performance, cross-platform rich-client
and server-side applications.

The simulation software and Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) enable the design to quickly
realize the products with less development time. The following are the software developed by UTS
software group and being used by thousands of engineers world wide.

MAST is a high level modeling, simulation and visualization tool aimed to give powerful IP
based frame work to reduce designer’s time in developing high end embedded system. MAST has
user friendly IDE for octave/ Matlab script’s simulation built on Eclipse framework. It has powerful
editor to provide a friendly environment to code and run octave files. The environment supports syntax
highlighting, font styles, dynamic linking and several other features found in modern IDEs.

MAST uses the GNU Octave as an interpreter to interpret the .M files and Octave’s simulation
graphics like plot, stairs, bar etc. This modeling and simulation can be done with very much less effort by
using Rich and fast user interface.

In addition to default libraries, MAST provides additional signal processing libraries for spectral
processing and array processing applications.

UTSEDS (Embedded Development Studio), a platform independent software development kit for 8051C
family, RTOS and PIC Compiler . IDE has the provision to include 8051 and PCI hardware architectures
and generate the Hex codes suitable to the target hardware platform.

Features of the Embedded Development Studio are mentioned below:

User friendly work space and project management for managing the projects
    Provision to view the projects and works spaces in the organized structured fashion
    Line Numbers display for the edited source files.
    Integrated 8051C, RTOS and PIC family compilation.
    Provision to view the compiled messages
    Provision to open / close the projects
    Provision for Undo / Redo of the work
    Customized and easily installable s/w kit.

    The IP testcase generation tool is developed using Eclipse frame work (Galileo 3.5.1) complying
    with IP-XACT version 1.5. The tool provides the plugin for the IP design entry to capture the IP details
    as per the IP-XACT specification. The tool shall also provide plugins for calling the test case generation
    scripts as per the TGI interface defined in IP-XACT.

    The Eclipse frame work is used as base IDE on which the necessary plugins are developed
    to provide the necessary IP design entry capabilities and the capability to generate the test cases in
    selected languages. The tool provides the project creation facility and shall manage the IP-XACT model
    related files appropriately. The following figure describes the elements of the tool.

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